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Triten Closes $150M Fund to Acquire Industrial Service Facilities Nationally

February 4, 2021

Triten Real Estate Partners announces today that they have closed on a $150 million fund from a single institutional partner to continue investing in Industrial Service Facilities (ISFs) across the country. Over the past eighteen months, they have purchased over 160 acres worth of ISF and significantly built its pipeline of opportunities. Triten’s ISF team is deeply entrenched in the needs of its tenant base and has built a substantial network of clients and companies operating in the space. With leverage, Triten intends to purchase nearly $400 million of additional assets over the fund’s initial three-year investment period.

ISFs are properties that provide crucial functionality to the industrial supply chain through strategic locations with a large outdoor storage component. Tenants often utilize these sites to store trucks, trailers, equipment, building materials, and intermodal containers close to significant population density and critical logistics infrastructure such as ports, major highway intersections, airports, and intermodal railyards.

“The secular growth of e-commerce demand from consumers has led to explosive growth for distribution centers and warehouses which has led to supply chain constraints for companies as they rapidly adapt to the increased throughput,” says Scott Arnoldy, founder of Triten Real Estate Partners. “We view ISF assets as mission-critical to the speed and efficiency of the global supply chain and the pandemic has only further underlined the critical role these ISF assets serve.”

Triten is currently under contract on an additional $50 million worth of product. These targeted assets would consist of outdoor storage facilities (truck terminals, equipment maintenance fields, trailer yards, fleet facilities, and more) located in our major markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Kansas City, Phoenix, Orlando, and Southern California.

In addition to a growing ISF portfolio, Triten actively acquires and spec-develops industrial distribution warehouse assets and currently has a warehouse portfolio of over 2.5 million square feet.

A large percentage of this asset class is fragmented and has traditionally been owner-occupied, yet the total investable universe is estimated to be a multiple of Class A distribution warehouses. Institutional capital is under-exposed to industrial and especially so for this asset class where there has not been an investable institutional platform until now.

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