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Plano Residents Can Expect Progress on Assembly Park Offices This Year

February 3, 2023

Winston Henvey | Plano Star Courier

Development company Triten Real Estate Partners is bringing a new kind of office experience to property east of US 75.

Triten Real Estate Partners has moved into its next step of construction for the upcoming Assembly Park, located at 1717 East Spring Creek Parkway.

With 180,000 square feet of creative office space, 305 leasable town homes and 16,500 square feet of dining and retail, businesses will have an office space that breathes new life into Plano’s former market square.

Amenities like Assembly Park, a kids park and dog park will also provide leisure for those who work and live in the development.

“They attracted more high end offices over there and really breathed in new life to the development as opposed to a more old fashioned office,” said Peter Braster, Special Projects Director with the City of Plano about Triten Real Estate Partners, the developers. “This is a new way of doing office and having tenants with more activated spaces.”

In 1983, the building on the property along East Spring Creek Parkway first opened as the Outlet Malls of America, with a 5,000-square-foot flag dawning the front entrance. Stores like TJ Maxx, Finish Line, Children’s Place, Famous Footwear, Publisher’s Book Outlet, Diamonds Unlimited and The Card Barn filled the mall.

By 1994, the building became Plano Market Square. Garden Ridge Pottery announced plans to move there, bringing the mall back to full capacity for the first time in a decade. The following year Plano Antique Mall opened just inside the west entrance. The mall received a breath of new life before declining again in the 2000s.

Until 2021, the Loh family, owners of the antique store, became the sole occupants of the mall.

Through 2023, community members can expect to see a lot of progress made on the incoming office space, Braster said.